ErrantEmber (errantember) wrote,

Unexpected Attack of Geekery Continues...

Developing in Linux for my iPod wasn't enough. Evidently the Universe had come to the conclusion that my social skills, fashion, and popularity had reached some kind of unacceptable threshold recently, because my Geekery Index continues it's recent skyrocket ascent as a I find a reason to learn Haskell. What is Haskell? Evidently it's "...a polymorphically typed, lazy, purely functional language..." the description of which will induce paroxysms of either boredom or orgasm depending on which end of the geekery spectrum one's interest lies.

This is the first time I've learned not only a new language, but, in fact, a new programming paradigm, in some time.

It's going to rock.

The next question is, do they have a Haskell compiler that generates code for the iPod?

The mind boggles...
Tags: functional programming, geekery, haskell
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